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The karaoke app that will liven up all of your parties


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Kanto Karaoke is a musical tool that allows you to set up a true karaoke room at home and record your performances as well as your friends' performances.

Just like any other application along these lines, this program offers an interface with a simple screen where you can read the lyrics of the songs as it plays the instrumental track. The app allows you to adjust some options, such as the pitch and the speed of the music, or you can add effects in real time.

Kanto Karaoke plays .midi, .kar and .mp3 files as it records your voice using the microphone. It's very easy to use the app. You just have to click on 'Open file' and select the track that you want to sing. It will immediately appear on the screen and the music will play as it shows the song's lyrics.

In addition, this karaoke app includes a feature that converts MIDI files to MP3s, though the free version of Kanto Karaoke will stop after the first minute.

-You have to look for .kar files in order to use them for karaoke.

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